Business Fundamentals


The Fundamentals of Business Certificate.

LRO is affiliated with an accredited university to offer organizations a streamlined process to provide employees with a World Class education and development opportunity. The Fundamentals of Business Courses are designed for individuals who have not previously taken college courses in Business.

The online program consists of six courses that are six weeks in length. The interested organization must have a cohort of 25 in order to schedule a course. For more information or to schedule a course please contact us at info@gca–


 Fundamentals of Personal Finance.

This course teaches the skills needed to successfully manage your own finances. You will learn how and why to track your spending, set up a personal budget, recognize and avoid hidden costs in everyday transactions, and save and invest for the future. You will also learn personal finance terminology used in financial press

 Fundamentals of Marketing.

This course focuses on basic marketing principles. You will learn the role of product, price, promotion, and distribution in the marketing process. The course introduces the student to basic marketing principles, including the marketing concept, marketing mix, customer segmentation, as well as target marketing

 Fundamentals of Management.

This course introduces students to the skills needed in a management role. You will learn about planning, organizing, directing, and controlling organizational activities

 Fundamentals of Business Communication.

This course introduces students to the basics of good business communication. You will learn the mechanics and the psychology of business communication. You will learn to analyze the audience; determine the most effective means to communicate; and plan, revise, and polish communication for business. The oral component will emphasize web-based meetings and presentations

 Fundamentals of Leadership.

You will learn how “good” leadership has evolved, how to become a leader, and the roles of effective leaders. You will analyze emotional intelligence, communication skills, team facilitation, motivation, and strategy as tools to develop your leadership skills and impact your organization.

 Fundamentals of QuickBooks.

You will learn how to use QuickBooks software. QuickBooks is an accounting program that includes sales order and purchase order processing, banking, inventory management, and payroll.