Coaching & Consultation

The following services are customized for each client’s unique needs by Executive Coaches and Management Consultants provided by the Global Consulting Alliance, LLC.

Coaching is a structured approach to help a participant gain experience and confidence in performance or work related  goals of their choosing. Coaching goals can be narrow, such as mastering a new interpersonal skill, or broader, such as transitioning into a new career field. LRO provides access to Individual, Team/Group, and Intensive Individual coaching packages. Additionally, LRO maintains a portfolio of world class educational programs from which the customizable coaching services are developed. See the Custom Workshops Tab on this web site to learn more about GCA’s coaching products and services, or schedule a free consultation appointment, send a message to info@gca–

Consultation services are custom tailored to the needs of the clients organization. Primarily a Consultant serves the Chief Executive as a thinking partner and advisor. Those services can also be extended (if requested) to the senior leadership.The consultant has the ability to provide knowledge that enables leaders and employees to leverage organizational demands with managers and employees strengths for increased performance. In short, the consultant helps leaders focus their leadership interventions in ways that yield the maximum beneficial impact for the organizations effort. The overall goal being to increase performance through employee engagement.To learn more about the variety of customizable workshops available see the Custom Workshops Tab on the web site.To learn more about consultation services, schedule a free consultation appointment at info@gca–